A powerful dream wakes me up.

I am observing a woman who is being punished by her husband. This is a regular thing and she tolerates it. She takes it with great dignity.

He grinds up a ceramic plate, mixes it with some liquid and makes her eat it. As the ground up plate makes its way through her small then her large intestines she is in great pain. I am reading Gut a book about the digestive system, and I know that the particles will not be digested and that she will pass them. This too will be painful.

The woman and her husband and children want to buy my dog Rufus. We are out observing his behavior and making sure that he will be a suitable dog for the family. They decide to buy him. I ask for one last hug before I part with him. I hug him and realise how much I love this dog. I tell them that they cannot have him and they walk away, angry.

The dream stays with me. I realise that the woman is me and her husband is my partner. Rufus is Rufus. As our relationship moves painfully through its final days, I realise that I have been eating ceramic plates for too long.