Mum is disappearing very quickly now. Last night I went to visit – en route to walking the dogs –  with a  Lancashire Hot Pot for their dinner. Dad is doing most of the cooking now and craves the foods we used to eat. I said I would take the dogs to the oval down the end of the street and she was not aware there was an oval there.

She has forgotten who we all are when we talk about each other but knows us when she sees us. I suspect forgetting us completely is not far away.

She is dressing in strange combinations of clothes. On Friday she had a blouse over a blouse and her woolen tartan scarf wrapped around her neck.

Still I see the strategies she uses. I notice that she focuses on the things she knows and won’t let them go. At lunch on Friday she was preoccupied with a dog tied up outside the restaurant. So much so that she did not have to be part of our conversation.

Last weekend I picked her and dad up and brought them here to have coffee and cake. Kezia was here with Monty. Monty wasn’t well and we were singing songs to help cheer him up. ‘Miss Molly had a dolly who was sick sick sick. …’ Suddenly mum realised that she knew the words. Pardon the cliche but it was as if a light went on. She swayed from side to side keeping the rhythm and joined in for the last line … I’ll be back in the morning with my bill bill bill.