Here’s a list of all the things I am waiting for:

  1. My results.
  2. A call to discuss a payment mistake.
  3. Two job applications and one grant application.
  4. The birth of my first grandchild.
  5. My new kitchen.
  6. A response from my next door neighbours about our fencing dispute.
  7. Christmas.
  8. Sally’s wedding.
  9. My pay.
  10. My boyfriend’s return from his diving trip.

Yesterday I went to the airport to collect my daughter from her overseas trip. She sent me a message, to say she had boarded on time, when she boarded the plane in Bangkok so I didn’t bother to check the flight status or arrival time. I just expected her to be there when I got to the airport.

Yesterday I waited for over four hours for the flight status to change from ‘delayed’ to ‘landed’. With only the knowledge that she had boarded on time, then had an unscheduled stop Indonesia, waiting for those four hours was harder than the wait for anything on my list. The only thing that mattered was her safe arrival.