Frost on the grass this morning reminded me of walking to school way back then. Other snatches of memories followed:

cracking ice off the tops of puddles,

chewing on stems of yellow flowering sour grass,

breaking the thorns off rose bushes and sticking them onto my nose … pretending I was a dinosaur?

being defeated by the Bramham twins.

defeating the Bramham twins,

money in my pocket for a lunch order,

commanding Sandy, the dog, to go home when she followed us,

peering down the water pipe outside the Great Western Hotel and imagining The Little Tin Soldier swept down there and out to sea,

being ‘in love’ with Chris Slater,

being moved into a desk with Chris Slater,

the chain falling off my bike as I careered down the hill,

the hole in the knee of my new stretchy slacks,

a squashed banana in my school bag after a ‘bag fight’,

swap cards,

walking to the bus stop and discussing The Incredible Journey with Mrs McGinness,

a new set of Texta colours in my bag

a box set of 24 Derwent Pencils …