At 9.00 am today one of my dogs barked for three barks. At 10.45 am there was another single bark when the electrician arrived. At 11.15 am a dog outside in the street barked for two minutes. But it wasn’t one of my dogs but I made a note anyway.

I have been instructed by the Geelong City Council to keep a dog barking diary for two weeks.

The woman next door, D is not happy with me. She thinks she is boss of the street and she thinks the car park outside the front of our houses is hers. Two weeks ago she told me to move my car out of her spot and it was when I refused that she turned. First I got a card complete with cup cake picture on the front. “Not nice that we aren’t friends” it started šŸ™‚ Then she harassed the electrician for putting the clothes line on the fence we share then she reported my dogs to the council for their continued and intrusive barking. This is not really about dogs it’s about control.

My dogs bark. Mostly they bark at a dog that comes past every day. But I have monitored it. The outside dog always starts the barking. Sometimes they bark at skate boards passing but mostly its dogs and their owners. The barking fits last about 1 minute max and normally I stick my head out the door and tell them to stop.

Working from home it is easy to dispute the accusation. Normally dogs barking are a problem because their owners are absent and have no idea of what they are getting up to. If my dogs bark my concentration fails and I have to tell them to stop so that I can get back to work.

My dogs sleep inside the house – they never bark at night.

My next door neighbor has a cockie. It has learned my dogs’ names and it calls them over to the fence. Then they bark. When she lets her chooks out and they forage near the fence … then my dogs bark.

I am trying to think of all the things I can do to annoy her – just to get her back. I have my car parked in her spot – all the time now. I have asked my builder to send her the bill for repairs to the fence – normally a shared cost – but the best thing I can do is to just ignore her. She hates it that I have stopped all friendly banter with her.

In two weeks we get to compare bark diaries. She is keeping one too. (The lady at the council told me this)

It’s 1.41 pm and my dogs have only barked two times today. Image